Trump says he expects to be arrested Tuesday as New Year’s law enforcement prepares for possible indictment

Donald Trump of New York claimed on Saturday that he was under arrest. And he has issued an extraordinary tirade to protest his supporters. Because it is being told that the New York Grand Jury was investigating the payment of money to those women. Who was accused of sexual encounters with the former Pres.

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Even Trump’s lawyers and spokeswoman said the prosecution had no doubts. The company announced on its social media platforms, in a post that they expected to be taken into custody on Tuesday.

The message, given the formal announcement of the plan just now and widely anticipated, was designed to elicit outrage from the accused before his base of supporters. Within hours, his campaign supporters were sending moneylenders to Agra. Donald Trump in a post of farts that read about his legal organization inciting loyal o to protest. Because the 2024 presidential candidates directed their widespread anger at a villainous administration in all capital letters and fueled the prospect of civil unrest

is being told. That the District Attorney Alvin Breck has looked into the allegations in Seshamani’s investigation. Local law enforcement officers who were recently given the chance to testify before Trump’s grand jury prepared for the public safety implications of an unprecedented prosecution of a full-fledged American president. Trump’s statements followed a break in Antrie’s email, saying law enforcement would ensure That 1600 people working in his office will be safe. We do not tolerate attempts to threaten our office with the rule of law in New York.

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