RBI New Guidelines 2023 : ₹1000 का नया नोट जारी, 2000 का नोट बदलवाने के लिए भरना होगा ये फॉर्म

RBI New Guidelines 2023 :- ₹ 1000 notes will be released again Friends, you have seen that with the help of many platforms through social media, news is going viral very quickly. That ₹ 2000 notes are being closed Yes friends, you are seeing right, in fact the government has announced the closure of ₹ 2000 notes, for this the government has fixed a certain date line.

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RBI New Guidelines 2023
RBI New Guidelines 2023

If you have ₹2000 notes, you can withdraw the other money by depositing it in your nearest branch within the specified date line. Meanwhile, this update is being seen through social media that it is possible that new notes of ₹ 1000 may be issued. I would like to tell you that when demonetisation took place in 2016, ₹ 1000 notes used to run, but when the government launched ₹ 2000 notes, ₹ 1000 notes were discontinued. That’s why it is being speculated according to social media that ₹ 1 note is going to be released very soon. What is the update about this, what does RBI have to say, you can see the complete update with the help of this post below.

When will ₹1000 notes be issued

Now we are going to talk about the release of ₹ 1000 note, often you people must have seen many updates through social media that ₹ 1000 note is likely to be released very soon. Here we are going to talk about how far the update is correct and how far it is wrong. With the help of this post, friends, I would like to tell you. As you people must have seen before 2016 i.e. when there was no demonetisation. That ₹ 500 and ₹ 1000 notes used to work. But as soon as the new ₹ 2000 notes were issued, your old ₹ 1000 notes were discontinued, so according to social media, an update is being received. It may be that the government is depositing ₹ 2000 notes, then it can issue new ₹ 1000 notes. At present, no update has come out from the RBI regarding this. That’s why nothing confirmed can be said about it.

What will be the note of ₹ 1000

Friends, we will talk about ₹ 1000 note, I would like to tell you this. Because there will be many such candidates who would definitely like to know about ₹1000 note. That this time the possibility of issuing ₹ 1000 note is being told. Friends, I would like to tell you whether it will be the same as before or some changes can be made in it too. I would like to tell you that you people must be watching all these updates through social media and this information has also been taken through social media.

That nothing can be updated from the government regarding the issue of new ₹ 1000 note, it may be released as before but nothing can be said about it now. You can visit the official website of RBI for more details. Where you can get to see different types of updates. You can also get this information with the help of the link given below.

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₹1000 का नया नोट यहां देखें यहां देखें 
₹2000 का नोट क्या बंद हो जाएगा देखे खबर यहां देखें 
आरबीआई के तरफ से जारी हुआ नया गाइडलाइन यहां देखें 
RBI New Guidelines 2023
RBI New Guidelines 2023

Important Information :- Whatever information you all are getting to see in this post today. All that information is obtained through social media and internet, you guys can read it once if any mistake is found in this post. So this website will not take responsibility on itself in any way because whatever information comes on it. And you all get to see even if you believe in social media.

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