RBI New Guidelines 2023: आरबीआई की नई गाइडलाइन जारी, ₹500 का नोट भी हो सकता है बंद ? Full जानकारी देखें

RBI New Guidelines 2023 : ₹ 500 notes will also be closed: As of now, according to social media, you must have seen many updates. In which you must have got complete information that at present ₹ 2000 notes are being closed. For which the government has removed a dateline, that is, you also have ₹ 2000 note or you have kept it in your vault. You can deposit it in your nearest bank as soon as possible, instead you have ₹ 2000 note. You will be given the same amount. Along with ₹ 2000 note, it is also being told on social media that it can happen.

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RBI New Guidelines 2023
RBI New Guidelines 2023

That ₹ 500 notes should also be banned because people say that when ₹ 2000 was done. Along with that ₹ 500 note was issued, what is the update about it at the moment. I am going to tell you with the help of this post

Will ₹500 notes also be banned?

Friends, we will talk about ₹ 500 note because you people are watching. That very soon this message is reaching all the people through social media. That the government has announced the date regarding the note band of ₹ 2000, according to which you can deposit your ₹ 2000 note in any bank near you from May 23. You can check the complete list through the link given below for more details. For how many days this note will be deposited if you are not able to deposit your note till that day. Then you will get to see the notice below about what will happen to your money and can download it from there.

Now we will talk about ₹ 500 note, many people believe that when ₹ 2000 note was issued. Along with that ₹ 500 note was also issued, are ₹ 2000 notes being closed. So I would like to tell you if ₹500 notes will also be banned. That all, no notice has been issued by RBI, regarding ₹ 500 note, so nothing can be said about ₹ 500 note, you can update on the official website of RBI with the help of the link given below. can see .

Do I need to apply to deposit ₹2000 note?

Now we will talk about the most important question many people believe. Whether we will have to do any paperwork to deposit the ₹ 2000 note which is getting closed or not, otherwise friends, I would like to tell you that you do not have to do any paperwork. Because RBI has issued a notice that if you have ₹ 2000 notes. So you can deposit 10 notes daily in the nearest branch, that is, RBI has imposed a limit.

That you can deposit only 10 notes per person per day, so the person who has a lot of money can also deposit only 10 notes of ₹ 2000. Everyday now you must have got information about it, you can deposit your ₹ 2000 note in any bank of your personal without growing anyone. You do not need to pay any charge for this, instead of the amount of ₹ 2000 you will get ₹ 2000 only. Now I hope that you have got complete information with the help of this post.

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₹2000 का नोट बंद हो सकता है देखे खा लो यहां देखें
₹500 का नोट बंद हो सकता है देखे बहुत बड़ी अपडेट यहां देखें
जिनके पास खाता नहीं है वह अपना पैसा किस प्रकार से चेंज करें यहां देखें
आरबीआई के तरफ से एक नया रूल देखिए क्या आया यहां देखें
RBI New Guidelines 2023
RBI New Guidelines 2023

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