Turkey Syria Earthquake Today: भूकम्प के झटकों से काँपने के बाद Turkey पर नई आफत ?

Turkey Syria Earthquake Today: You people would know about Turkey and Sariya. Now you should know that a lot of citizens have been killed here. That due to the huge earthquake there has been chaos here. It is being told on social media that lakhs of people have lost their lives due to Turkey and Sariya earthquake. And no one can predict it yet. How many more people have lost their lives. Through today’s post, you are going to tell people. All those who live in Turkey and Saria. All those that have caused the earthquake, and it is very important for you guys to know.

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Turkey Syria Earthquake Today
Turkey Syria Earthquake Today

Turkey Syria Earthquake Today 

You want to tell everyone. That teams were sent earlier from the Government of India. But for the time being, another team has been sent to help Turkey and Sariya. Those who have just reached Turkey’s airport. And from there now the stops there will be told. As to where they will have to go, in this way thousands of lives have been lost in Syria and Turkey and lakhs of people have been injured.

Turkey Syria Earthquake Latest Update

Talk to the family of a citizen living in Turkey and Syria. So there is so much noise coming at the airport that the sound of crying is coming to the fore. It is being told that everyone’s family wants to go to save their own family. But due to the earthquake, all of them are not able to go, they are being forbidden to go. Whatever is happening there, you must have come to know through social media, it is being told that earthquakes are being seen in large numbers there. In which a lot of damage has been done.

Turkey Syria Earthquake Update News

If any more news comes related to Turkey and Sariya. So according to the news first told under social media, all of you will get to see the news on this website. That’s why you people share this website as much as possible. So that everyone knows that the first update is given on this website.

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